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Rudy is our Red Piebald, Wire-Haired Minature Dachshund

Rudy is a proven, AKC registered, DNA certified, Miniture Dachshund stud. He is very gentle and loving. He is great with people from small children to old, both at home and away. He is a good watch dog, letting us know if somebody comes, or we are being raided by those pesky squirrels. Rudy is so sweet he attracts even those people who generaly don't care for dogs.

Rudy, April 2014

Rudy, showing his markings, April 2014

He has beautiful markings. His coat has a white base and red patches, with a little black accenting and a cute blond patch on top of his head. He has been outstanding at producing litters with his characteristics. Most of his pups have been wire-haired, and either red piebald or black piebald. The owners of his puppies we have talked to have been very pleased with them and their personalities. We beleive Rudy will be a great stud for your female miniture dachshund to mate with, and will produce a wounderful litter of great puppies.

Rudy's Look

Good-by Dear Max

Rudy, Max, and Abby solarising on the deck in March 2014

Rudy, Max, and Abby solarising on the deck in March 2014

4/10/2014-Today was a very sad for Rudy and the rest of our family as Maximillion passed away. He was 17 years old. Max was a great dog, and as good an older brother as you could have. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

Max, March 2014

Max, March 2014

Rudy at Mike and Denise's Wedding

8/12/2012-Rudy had an important job today standing up at his friends, Mike and Denise's wedding. When we found out that he was requested to be at the wedding, Janet scrambled and found a tux for him. He looked so dapper.

Rudy in his tux

Rudy in his tux

Rudy was so well behaved at the wedding. He was the perfact gentelman; standing up when it was his time, then mingled with everyone during the reception. He wandered around and when someone stopped to talk or pet him, he would stand there and visit until they moved on. He was great with the young kids and they loved him. The thing I was most impressed was he didn't try to get anybodys food, not even the little ones who would have been such easy pickings. He was a big hit in his tux, and everyone loved him (even those who don't like dogs).

Rudy and the bride

Rudy with the Bride

Rudy's 2nd Litter of Puppies

12/20/2011-We went to see Rudy's second batch of puppies. They were born just before Thanksgiving at Frog Creek Farm. Esme delivered 4 healthy pups and they are sooooo darn cute!

Rudys new puppies 12.20.2011

Rudy's 2nd litter of puppies, Dec 20, 2011, at about 4 weeks old

We had such a good time visiting with Chet, Aimee and their kids; and seeing all the puppies (they had 11 at the time from 3 litters). This is Rudy's second batch and he has proven to be a good stud. He is really good at passing his characteristics along to his offspring and we are really proud of his puppies.

We are hoping to get to see some of his puppies after they have grown up and see how they turn out. We will really be thrilled if they get his loving personality that makes Rudy so special to us.

Rudy's 1st Litter of Puppies

7/2/2010-We went down to The Beutels to see Rudy's first batch of puppies. As the old saying goes, "the apples didn't fall too far from the tree."

Rudy and his first litter of puppies

Rudy and his 1st litter of puppies, July 2, 2010

The puppies look so much like Rudy. His coloration came flying through, as you can see. It's so much fun seeing them waddle around. Their personalities are coming out and they are going to be a fun bunch of dogs for their peoples.

When not at "Work", Rudy has been keeping himself; busy giving his brother and sister a hard time, going camping, and running in the Wiener Dog Race at Emerald Downs Race track. He did poorly at the race because he fell in love with a cute little girl, and couldn't keep his mind on the race. Guess we should have known he was going to do good at stud, as he is such the ladies man.

Rudy out camping

Rudy out Camping

Rudy is still as fun as ever, and has devloped a great love and obsession for laser pointers. And he is so smart! The other night Janet and I were just talking and she refered to them as "the red and blue things". He imediatly jumped up and was ready to go in a heart beat. How he knew what we were refering to beats me, but he knew! I can't even pick one up without him going on full alert, even when he dosen't see me pick it up. He will chase that little spot of light around until he is ready to drop. He is such a hoot!

Rudy at 3 weeks

Rudy at 3 weeks

About Rudy

Rudy was born January 28, 2008 at Frog Creek Farm in Shelton Washington, owned by Chet and Aimee Beutel. He is an AKC Registered, DNA Certified, Wirehaired Miniature Dachshund and is Red Piebald in color.

How Rudy Came Into Our Lives

My wife, Janet, and I were going on a trip, and Chet and Aimee had agreed to watch our other two Dachshunds, Max and Abby Rose. We had bought our second dachshund, Abby, from them. Abby just happens to be Rudy's great grandmother. I went down to drop the "kids" off, and Rudy had just been born the week before. When I saw the litter, Rudy dug his tiny little claws into my heart and it was all over but working out the details. He was so sweet.

When He Was Young

As he was grew and his personality developed, he turned into the most fun and loving little guy. We feel so fortunate to have him in our lives. He loves to snuggle with his people and be where the action is. When one of us sits down or goes to grab a nap, he is right there to make sure we're not lonely. Rudy likes to help too! When Janet is working at her desk, Rudy likes to be right up on the desk helping her. He is really good at chasing away the mouse pointer on her computer display. He has lots of personality and some of the funniest looks. When you say something to him, he'll look at you and cocks his head in a way that is so darn cute. His expressions and actions just keep us in stitches. We camp with a trailer and he has taken to it quite well. He loves to see the world, and go out and sniff new places. He really gets the attention, and he likes it.

Why We Are Breeding Him

Rudy is just an amazingly beautiful dog. His markings, coat, and personality are outstanding. Part of our agreement when we got him was that Frog Creek Farms would get two stud services from him. He was that good. Normally we have our pets fixed. In the time we have had him though, we have come to believe that it would be a bad thing not to have him in the gene pool propagating his kind. We feel he is a very special guy and will produce great puppies.

Why Rudy Will Be A Great Dad

We believe Rudy will produce great puppies because he has so many wonderful qualities:

For more information or to discuss using Rudy to sire your next litter of puppies, contact us at:


Rudy C. Lickey
PO Box 46954
Seattle, WA 98146


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